A Week In The Alps

I spent a week with my wife hiking up and down and all around the beautiful and inspiring country – partially in the hopes of reliving what I experienced on a post-college backpacking trip with friends. Three things that we were in search of: great Swiss beer, the world’s best cheese (of course), and Bernese Mountain Dogs (which are native to the Bernese Oberland in the high valleys of Switzerland, and happen to be our future dog). What the Swiss lack in beer, they make up for in scenery. The whole country felt like a big private park that was opened just for us. Immaculate, efficient, inspiring, and everywhere you look… idyllic. It seemed like there were 5 cows (each complete with big, ornate klinking bells) to every 1 person we saw. While the Bernese Mountain Dogs were few, the beer could be better, and the cheese was anything but cheap, we left with a million unforgettable memories and these amazing moments.  – JS