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Beer is a story, a place, it’s the people behind it, but most importantly a moment in time.



Creative Direction

Ever wonder why a beer just tastes better when you’re in the place where it’s made? It’s because beer is more than just beer. Beer is a story, a place, it is the people behind it, and most importantly it’s a moment in time. And when it’s at its best you don’t just drink it, you drink it in. To help share World of Beer’s belief that beer and travel go hand in hand, we invited craft beer lovers everywhere to do just that – travel, explore beer, and get paid – in one of the best paid summer internships you’ll probably ever find. A campaign that consisted of one simple call for a job opening returned us over 7,000 applicants, $5.6MM in earned media, over 2200% increase in franchise requests, and was picked up in newscasts all over the world.

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Art Direction: Justin Soest  //  Copywriting: Jesse Alkire